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Thursday 17 th September 2015
HELP is a new system which uses Mhealth technology and which has been successful in countries such as Kenya.

Thursday 6 th August 2015
Out of 437 sessions, the Barcelona NGO's 43 votes place it as a strong candidate to participate in the Non-profit Technology Conference.

Tuesday 28 th July 2015
Translation Changes Lives!, an initiative of The Rosetta Foundation, aims to finance the organisation and its magnificent translation work for NGOs. is one of the partner organisations providing support to the campaign.


Tuesday 7 th July 2015 as a nonprofit organization has purpose its project for the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference (16NTC), a conference of several discussion sessions with regard to nonprofit technology which will be held in this year in San Jose, California.

Wednesday 27 th May 2015
The Mozilla foundation supports the intentions of IETFIAB, W3C  and the US government,  and declares its plan to establish a deadline to prioritize websites with certification as Google did when it demanded the standard last April. 

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