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Wednesday 27 th April 2016
The Ithaca Foundation offers advice for natural persons and legal entities, such as NGOs, with 10% credited to the entity of your choice.

Wednesday 24 th February 2016
Tax refund for donations you may receive may differ according to the country in which you pay taxes. The following article contains a brief summation of non-profit law in Switzerland and the changes in Spain.

Saturday 12 th December 2015
The crowdfunding platform based upon €1 donations, which found a supporting point among us to go online, is proposing a different, innovative and collaborative method of collective funding.   

Friday 13 th November 2015 takes part of the #TransparenciaONG campaign to promote transparency site donation until 31 December 2015.

Thursday 17 th September 2015
HELP is a new system which uses Mhealth technology and which has been successful in countries such as Kenya.

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