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Thursday 9 th April 2015
We are only a few months into the New Year and the Internet is already (as per usual) filling up with articles and publications which indicate what the predominant trends in website design will be for 2015. 

Thursday 26 th June 2014
In 2013 it was reported that about 289,000 women died because of complications due to pregnancy and giving birth, and 99% of those deaths occurred in developing countries.

Friday 22 nd February 2013
An example of how to access NGOs' services.
Throughout its 45 year history the co-operative credit society "Engineers Fund" has been and remains today an entity committed to society. The "Engineers Fund", in accordance with these values and an awareness of the key transformative role that NGOs play in our society, offers options to the entities which have this legal status within the sector.

Thursday 8 th November 2012
CST, along with other entities within the Catalan territory, and as part of the Support Plan for the Third Environmental Sector of the Department of Territory and Sustainability, since April 2012 a total of 6 round tables have been organized across the Catalan territory.

Tuesday 23 rd October 2012 has done a study on the phenomenon crowdfunding. In their report they present the results, based on 135 out of 452 crowdfunding platforms (CFPs) that participated in the study.

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