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28/12/2018 - How to send emails without doing SPAM and complying with the LOPD and GDPR
Until now, if a user did not expressly oppose the processing of their personal data to receive information from your entity ('spam') it was interpreted as a tacit consent that allowed you to continue with this activity. Now things have changed!

26/11/2018 - Resources to improve the recruitment strategy of your NGO
Most times NGOs must make great efforts in communication and have well-defined strategies that allow them to attract new partners and collaborators, raise funds ...

20/01/2010 - PDFmyURL: transform a webpage into a PDF file
 PDFmyURL is a nice alternative to screenshots for websites. Usefull, quick and convenient.  Converting a webpage into a PDF file to use it as you want is very convenient. In fact, you can avoid screenshots altogether for faster inituitive. Below is an explanation.

15/12/2009 - Give a Xmas design to your website!
Xmas is approaching, why not giving your website or your Twitter page a winter and joyfull tone? Improving the World using Information Technology to Help Organizations
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