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31/05/2018 - NGO, Facebook's new algorithm or how to be relevant in the social network
A priori it would be positive if the social network wants to return to its origins and to be a tool to connect people; the problem is that Facebook considers NGOs as businesses, and therefore, their communications have less and less space.


31/10/2017 - Facebook launches a donation system for not-for-profit organizations in Europe
The social network has promoted an initiative to provide charitable fundraising tools in sixteen countries across Europe.

18/07/2017 - What is Facebook Ads, and how can NGOs take advantage of it?
The social network Facebook allows its users to invest in publicity and to promote posts, events and other types of content so as to reach a segmented audience. 

04/01/2017 - What are metrics and what are they used for?
Measuring your NGO's social media data for later analysis will help your organisation achieve its goals.

10/10/2016 - Why are emojis useful for your NGO's social media?
Digital communication is becoming increasingly visual. Emoticons help to create a link between the message and its audience and, in many cases, increase the interaction with your posts.

13/07/2016 - How to add multimedia content to your NGO's posts on social media?
Enrique San Juan, a strategic consultant, is here to give us some key tips on how non-profit organisations can really get the most out of their social media accounts.

15/06/2016 - Internet Advertising for NGOs
This way of communication can help create a corporate image of the organisation and its activities. We introduce you to 5 simple tools within the reach of non-profit entities.

30/03/2016 - Facebook for Nonprofits, a new page for NGOs
Facebook has assisted in nonprofit growth since its founding in 2004, yet recently it has released a new version of its website directly tailored towards nonprofit organizations. 

26/02/2016 - Donate Button on Facebook: Learn how to get donations from your followers
This tool is a Call to Action button that redirects the page fan to your crowdfunding website.

18/11/2013 - Tutorial for merging Two Facebook pages into a Single one.
Before you start, there are several things that you should keep in mind.
  • The name of the 2 pages should be practically the same. Could vary in a few characters, otherwise you couldn´t merge them.
  • You will lose all the information in one of the pages. You will keep all the fans, but you have to upload once again the information. We recommend you to make a backup of the two pages.
  • The page with fewer fans is merged to the other.
  • The Page that absorbed the other, due the merge, should have more than 200 likes, otherwise, you wouldn´t be allowed to merge the pages.

15/11/2013 - Change your biography to a Facebook Page
In the previous article we explained the difference between a fan page and a personal profile, this one will explain how to go from one to the other and not lose "friends".

14/11/2013 - Personal account vs. Facebook Page: which is better?
When many organizations and companies started on Facebook, they created their own personal account.

06/03/2012 - The New Facebook Timeline Layout Improving Non-Profits
The new Timeline format in Facebook allows Non-Profits to maximize strong first impressions and customize their applications.

03/11/2011 - How to create an effective social media strategy?
Creating and managing online content has never been so complicated. Facebook, Google +, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs…. Which social media tools choose to have an effective social media strategy?

18/07/2011 - Quepuedohaceryo: New application for facebook launched by Hazloposible Foundation
Fundacion hazloposible is an non-profit organization which aims to impulse the innovative interaction and participation of the society in causes related to solidarity, through the use of new technologies.

14/06/2011 - Facebook: New Resources Centre for Non Profits
Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the internet. With over 500 million members in about 7 years, it would easily be considered the third largest country in the world, even ahead of the United States!

20/05/2011 - Internet: Land of opportunities
A look at Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Delicious, LinkedIn, SlideShare, RSS, Google... on the occasion of the IV Encuentro Internacional de la Recuperación

24/01/2011 - Causes Application for Facebook
Causes is the Facebook Platform that provides the tools so that any Facebook user can rise money for a cause he supports.

19/01/2011 - A Profile, a Fan Page or a Group? How NGOs should utilize Facebook to promote their mission?
A free and easy way to promote your NGO is through Facebook. With over 500 million active users, it is necessary that NGOs utilize the social network to promote their goals and activities. However, on Facebook are three options - a Profile, a Fan Page and a Group - and it is crucial to know which one will best serves your needs.

01/09/2010 - Fundrazr, now you can receive donations via Facebook
Those of us supporting NGOs or not for profit projects can now invite our friends to make donations towards our cause.

09/04/2010 - Create your Facebook fan page
Nowadays, using social networks to spread activities of an organization is becoming increasingly common. Facebook, with more than 400 millions users worldwide is a good way to reach public. Improving the World using Information Technology to Help Organizations
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