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31/10/2018 - Why web 3.0 will be and is the digital revolution
There are a number of advantages offered by the web 3.0. Below we detail the main features that differentiate it from the web 2.0.

18/07/2017 - What is Facebook Ads, and how can NGOs take advantage of it?
The social network Facebook allows its users to invest in publicity and to promote posts, events and other types of content so as to reach a segmented audience. 

01/06/2017 - What will be the next tech revolution?
Amazon is launching Echo Show, an assistant for your living room in the form of a speaker that allows a glimpse of the next leap in technology: machines we can talk to.

15/06/2016 - Internet Advertising for NGOs
This way of communication can help create a corporate image of the organisation and its activities. We introduce you to 5 simple tools within the reach of non-profit entities.

12/01/2016 - How can NGOs easily get products online?
Real Dreams Foundation has created the platform, a meeting point for businesses and individuals to donate a product for non-profit organisations that will receive it free of charge.

29/02/2012 - Resources for Accessing Computers
If your organization is looking for resources on where to get computer technology and internet connections, you may find the following helpful:

20/05/2011 - Internet: Land of opportunities
A look at Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Delicious, LinkedIn, SlideShare, RSS, Google... on the occasion of the IV Encuentro Internacional de la Recuperación

11/02/2010 - Chrome 4 and Firefox 3.6: Navigation Server Competition
Firefox or Chrome? Mozilla or the imperial Google? Or simply good old Internet Explorer? How to choose the appropriate navigator server continues to be a mystery. There are two essential tests that give the best results for choosing the correct server.

04/02/2010 - A new step for GOOGLE: Accelerate up your navigation speed
 Google Public DNS (for Domain Name System) is a simple and free service by Google. Users from outside the United States will notice a drastic increase in their navigation speed. Changing your DNS is quick and easy. Here’s the scoop and the instructions on how to change your DNS provider to Google Public DNS.

28/01/2010 - Internet for parents
A few days ago, we were updating two new tools to improve parental control about the infantile use of the Internet. We are sharing a presentation that we prepared for a group of parents. is neither specialized in security on the Internet nor on children education. But we have a lot of experience about the use of the Internet and how kids use it.

27/10/2009 - Use the Internet to denounce social violences
Nowadays, your mobile can help you from being threatened. In Kenya, Ory Okollo created a website, named, to denounce social and political violence, murder, torture and sexual abuses.

17/09/2009 - Browser shots : test your webpage with different browsers
Quite often, you have bad surprises while opening your website in other browsers. To avoid it, it's better to test it in different browsers and operating systems. Indeed, a page doesn't react the same and its design can change and give you unlikely results! Nowadays, there is an online and open-source tool to test your page before publishing it: Browser Shots.

08/09/2009 - Speak of Online Books: Google defends Google Books project before the EU
Some time ago, we told you about how Electronic Books represent an improvement in the access to culture. For this reason, every year we organize a Literature Contest which is aimed at uploading the selected works of authors, mainly unknown. This situation is being called into question by the EU, who blames multinational Google of heading towards becoming a monopoly. The multinational argues their interest is “to help people find books”.

25/08/2009 - Protect your e-mail from SPAM
Many times you will need to publish an e-mail address on your website, but then become quickly overwhelmed by SPAM and junk e-mails. We have tricks that can help you if such problems develop.

05/08/2009 - Google Chrome Dual View :compare your web pages
Google Chrome, Google’s web browser, from now on offers to see a web page in a whole new way.

13/07/2009 - Twitter : communicate briefly and efficiently ?
Twitter or micro-blogging. In other words, the possibility to post on your account short messages of 140 characters maximum. More verbal logorrhoea, concision and especially massive amount of links. Twitter is like helping information, improving its spreading.

05/05/2009 - Internet for all ages
Internet use without any risks is a topic that concerns all parents. Here, we deliver two interesting propositions so that they are able to surf the web without any problems.

16/04/2009 - How do Non-governmental organizations use ICTs?
Laboratorio de Innovación social published an article which illustrates social sector's position regarding ITCs.

18/03/2009 - On-line text to understand Internet Published in Brasil
A book has just been published and it is 100% on line, available in PDF format on a site for Brazilian readers with a forum to discuss issues of common interest. Entitled ‘Understand Internet – ideas, practices and communication challenges on line”, the book is written by 38 Brazilian authors, expert on diverse fields.

16/03/2009 - The organisation Reporters without Borders condems Internet´s “enemies”
Internet´s greatest achievement is the democratization of information, not only regarding how users access it, but also how it´s released. That is the very reason why taking control over the Internet is the objective of authoritarian systems, which fight for its domination whilst depriving it of this merit. However, the NGO “Reporters without borders” has published a report specifically to condemn Internet´s enemies.

09/03/2009 - Be 100% ecological with your office work
To avoid printing is not the only way to prevent harming the environment. A group of Dutch professionals believe that even when you put your texts in paper, you can be ecologic if you use an ink-saving font. It's called ecofont.

02/03/2009 - The High place Commissioned for the Human rights of United Nations puts at the disposal of the NGO's tools On Line
The office of the High place Commissioned for the Human Rights of United Nations has put at the disposal of the organizations a guide for the agents of the civil society who work with this program of the International organization. The guide explains how the diverse mandates and the mechanisms of the human rights of United Nations work, and how the members of such of civil society, as organisations defenders of the human rights, the not governmental organizations and the academic institutions, can interact with them an as efficient as possible way.

07/01/2009 - Transform your Power Point presentation into a video
Maybe you would like to upload that presentation that you prepared so carefully to Alternative Channel, You tube, or maybe simply you don’t have the knowledge necessary to edit a video. If so, here you have a good tip.

30/12/2008 - Now socialize as a blogger too
It has become natural to have an account in facebook or in any of the hundreds of social networks available in the internet. Through them we, as individuals, create societies united by certain features in common. Scoutle allows you to socialize in the network too but this time as a blogger.

18/12/2008 - End of the year…time to clean up our email accounts
If you use Abcore web mail you should be aware that even if you delete your emails you also need to empty the Trash to make them disappear forever. In the times of assessments, cleanings and making new resolutions, pay attention to the following recommendation. Improving the World using Information Technology to Help Organizations
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