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12/05/2017 - How can NGOs benefit from Instagram?
Instagram is the second most popular social network in Spain, after Facebook. With 600 million users, it is the most successful social media website among young people and teenagers.

27/09/2016 - Digital anthropology for NGOs: a new opportunity?
This branch of human relations studies how the digital world influences the daily lives of people, and also of social organisations.

10/08/2016 - How can NGOs get the most out of Pokémon Go?
The unbridled frenzy for the augmented reality game from Niantic has also opened up a new world of opportunities for non-profit organisations.

15/06/2016 - Internet Advertising for NGOs
This way of communication can help create a corporate image of the organisation and its activities. We introduce you to 5 simple tools within the reach of non-profit entities.

25/05/2016 - 5 tips for writing on your NGO's blog
Content and style are two important elements. You also have to keep in mind some tricks for coming first in search engine results. Improving the World using Information Technology to Help Organizations
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