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06/06/2019 - Define your audience to improve the communication of your NGO
When an NGO asks what its target audience is, the first thing it will do is think about its donors. They are a very important piece of communication but not the only one. Then we tell you the different prototypes of profiles that any organization can have.

31/05/2018 - NGO, Facebook's new algorithm or how to be relevant in the social network
A priori it would be positive if the social network wants to return to its origins and to be a tool to connect people; the problem is that Facebook considers NGOs as businesses, and therefore, their communications have less and less space.


21/09/2016 - Twitter becomes more flexible with its 140 character limit
From now on, the social network will not deduct characters when you mention someone, share a poll or upload an image.

10/08/2016 - How can NGOs get the most out of Pokémon Go?
The unbridled frenzy for the augmented reality game from Niantic has also opened up a new world of opportunities for non-profit organisations.

16/05/2016 - Coaching for NGOs and social entrepreneurs: a tool for promoting maximum development of individuals and organisations
Zentrum Coaching is a project promoted by Mònica Moles, coach and economist, who specialises in third sector organisations and social enterprising projects.

12/01/2016 - How can NGOs easily get products online?
Real Dreams Foundation has created the platform, a meeting point for businesses and individuals to donate a product for non-profit organisations that will receive it free of charge.

23/10/2015 - The Splitfy crowdfunding platform, also for NGOs
This platform allows creating sponsorship spaces, where it is possible to invite friends, partners or volunteers to participate. The idea is to initiate crowdfunding campaigns for any occasion.

08/09/2015 - How to Create Visual Content for NGO?
Before images and videos can be shared on social media, they have to be converted. 

18/08/2015 - The mobile application, a success with users
NGO's can use this tool on their devices for Android and Iphone, and also create their own mobile application with

11/02/2013 - Tips for a strong password and the importance of it
It is very important, to consider the following tips and change your existing password to a more secure one, in order to eliminate the chances of having your online account hacked.

04/03/2010 - Communication during Times of Crisis
Leandro Fernández Miró wrote an article in CiComunica titled Haiti, NGOs and Communication, which I found interesting and worthy of sharing. Leandro presents critical arguments of the media during times of crisis, and presents an alternative way to improve journalism. The following is a summary of the most important and controversial parts of the article ...

31/08/2009 - Impress with your newsletter
An organization that has a web site can't deal without having a newsletter. It's like a mosquito bit to remember your readers that you are existing and still on the market with new projects. In order to be read and not only deleted instantaneously, some advices to make it amazing.

16/03/2009 - The organisation Reporters without Borders condems Internet´s “enemies”
Internet´s greatest achievement is the democratization of information, not only regarding how users access it, but also how it´s released. That is the very reason why taking control over the Internet is the objective of authoritarian systems, which fight for its domination whilst depriving it of this merit. However, the NGO “Reporters without borders” has published a report specifically to condemn Internet´s enemies.

09/03/2009 - Be 100% ecological with your office work
To avoid printing is not the only way to prevent harming the environment. A group of Dutch professionals believe that even when you put your texts in paper, you can be ecologic if you use an ink-saving font. It's called ecofont.

02/03/2009 - The High place Commissioned for the Human rights of United Nations puts at the disposal of the NGO's tools On Line
The office of the High place Commissioned for the Human Rights of United Nations has put at the disposal of the organizations a guide for the agents of the civil society who work with this program of the International organization. The guide explains how the diverse mandates and the mechanisms of the human rights of United Nations work, and how the members of such of civil society, as organisations defenders of the human rights, the not governmental organizations and the academic institutions, can interact with them an as efficient as possible way.

30/12/2008 - Now socialize as a blogger too
It has become natural to have an account in facebook or in any of the hundreds of social networks available in the internet. Through them we, as individuals, create societies united by certain features in common. Scoutle allows you to socialize in the network too but this time as a blogger.

18/12/2008 - End of the year…time to clean up our email accounts
If you use Abcore web mail you should be aware that even if you delete your emails you also need to empty the Trash to make them disappear forever. In the times of assessments, cleanings and making new resolutions, pay attention to the following recommendation.

28/07/2008 - An internet browser for autistic children
Get to know the tool, but also the story behind this browser especially designed for autistic children to work quietly and efficiently in front of a computer on the internet. John LeSieur, an IT programmer who lives in Las Vegas (USA), thought that surfing the Net could help in the rehabilitation of his 6-year-old autistic grandson, Zachary.

11/07/2008 - Do you know what ........means?
How many times have you been reading the news on our Platform or about the TIC and you come across a word or term that you do not fully understand? We are working on resolving all of your doubts.  Take a look at our Glossary.

08/07/2008 - Do You Know How to Configure Your Email?
There are many ways for you to receive and read your organization's email: configure your email with Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, use the webmail that the Ab•core platform provides, or use a public email program such as Gmail. Analyze the options and use the one that best fits your needs.

17/06/2008 - Publicize your Events! Here's a good way.
We've spoken about twitter and how you can use it to create websites to publicize your cause. Now twitter offers a tool to create events and promote them among your followers. It's really easy. Read on..

04/06/2008 - Edit your videos on the Internet: the first step towards your video blog
Recently, we have been telling you how useful the video blog is as a marketing tool for your NGO, on the internet. Now, we offer you the tools in order to create your own movies without having to buy a programme.

30/05/2008 - IntInternet also helps us print books
Following our book contest, we discovered a tool that allows you to publish books on line. If you have a study, essay, novel, or work of any other genre and you are interested in publishing it as a book, get to know BUBOK.

12/03/2008 - Twitter is also useful to non-profit organizations
The famous tool or social network twitter surprises us by the number of networks that it has been creating: there are groups that talk about health, searching for missing people, investigation matters, all those topics that one may arrive at the asking What are you doing?. The result is such that, depending on how you use the network, it may be very useful to your organization. Improving the World using Information Technology to Help Organizations
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