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31/10/2017 - Facebook launches a donation system for not-for-profit organizations in Europe
The social network has promoted an initiative to provide charitable fundraising tools in sixteen countries across Europe.

15/06/2017 - How can you publicise and share your NGO events?
The organisation of activities, workshops, conferences, courses or seminars is a common everyday task for non-profit organisations. We can tell you about a few tricks to maximise your performance using the tools provided by the internet.

08/09/2016 - Are you familiar with Prestashop’s virtual multistore?
The online store creation software offers a feature that allows an NGO to run more than one store from the same platform. PrestaShop is perfectly integrated with the Abcore Cadí Integrated Internet Services Platform, so that you can combine the best of both worlds.

25/05/2016 - 5 tips for writing on your NGO's blog
Content and style are two important elements. You also have to keep in mind some tricks for coming first in search engine results.

14/03/2016 - How NGOs make the most of technology and Internet?
The 2016 Global NGO Online Technology Report are statistics that show how are non-governmental organizations using the latest technology, particularly the Internet, to connect with their target groups and donors. Read about a rapidly developing part of the Third Sector.

06/10/2014 - Why shouldn't an online text be justified?
A common question when publishing online is whether or not to justify a text. Taking a look at two important considerations will give us some insight into this question. 

11/07/2013 - Capture your audience's attention with online looping videos
Need a quick trick to capture your target audience’s attention?  Vine, an app released by Twitter a few months ago, allows companies to get creative with their marketing techniques.

20/01/2010 - PDFmyURL: transform a webpage into a PDF file
 PDFmyURL is a nice alternative to screenshots for websites. Usefull, quick and convenient.  Converting a webpage into a PDF file to use it as you want is very convenient. In fact, you can avoid screenshots altogether for faster inituitive. Below is an explanation.

15/10/2009 - Create animated banners
Giving a bit of dynamism for your webpage is possible with Bannersnack. From this website, you can create animated banners with a bit of imagination and no programming.

23/09/2009 - Insert a PDF in a webpage
You want to add a PDF online but only to read it, not for downloading it? It's now possible in a very easy way!

17/09/2009 - Browser shots : test your webpage with different browsers
Quite often, you have bad surprises while opening your website in other browsers. To avoid it, it's better to test it in different browsers and operating systems. Indeed, a page doesn't react the same and its design can change and give you unlikely results! Nowadays, there is an online and open-source tool to test your page before publishing it: Browser Shots.

31/08/2009 - Impress with your newsletter
An organization that has a web site can't deal without having a newsletter. It's like a mosquito bit to remember your readers that you are existing and still on the market with new projects. In order to be read and not only deleted instantaneously, some advices to make it amazing.

22/07/2009 - Using online tools : why does it work?
Nowadays, you don't need to transfer your files from a computer to an other anymore in order to work. Using tools online allows you to have your documents wherever you wish.

07/09/2007 - Edit your photographs!
We are always keeping you up to date on tools which can improve your files on line. We have recommended various photo alternatives to you and today we present Picnik. Improving the World using Information Technology to Help Organizations
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