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06/08/2018 - Canva is updated: speaks Spanish and has new features
Canva, the tool that makes graphic design for content available to all NGOs, offers a recent version in Spanish to make it even easier to work and avoid confusion that the portal can produce in English.

12/05/2017 - How can NGOs benefit from Instagram?
Instagram is the second most popular social network in Spain, after Facebook. With 600 million users, it is the most successful social media website among young people and teenagers.

16/03/2017 - 92% of NGOs already have a website and 67% of them accept online donations
These data have been published by the 2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report, in which more than 4,908 NGOs from 153 countries were surveyed.  

04/01/2017 - What are metrics and what are they used for?
Measuring your NGO's social media data for later analysis will help your organisation achieve its goals.

21/09/2016 - Twitter becomes more flexible with its 140 character limit
From now on, the social network will not deduct characters when you mention someone, share a poll or upload an image.

13/07/2016 - How to add multimedia content to your NGO's posts on social media?
Enrique San Juan, a strategic consultant, is here to give us some key tips on how non-profit organisations can really get the most out of their social media accounts.

29/04/2014 - Muevala, a new economical service to send packages.
Muevala is a social network that is devoted to help the currency of goods through the whole world and for a low-cost.

07/02/2011 - Know your NGO better with LinkedIn
LinkedIn is an online social network for business professionals. It's different than other social networking sites, because it is designed for professional networking - connecting with potential partners or finding a job - rather than simply making friends, sharing photos or music.

19/01/2011 - A Profile, a Fan Page or a Group? How NGOs should utilize Facebook to promote their mission?
A free and easy way to promote your NGO is through Facebook. With over 500 million active users, it is necessary that NGOs utilize the social network to promote their goals and activities. However, on Facebook are three options - a Profile, a Fan Page and a Group - and it is crucial to know which one will best serves your needs.

17/12/2010 - Jumo, the social network for NGOs
Jumo, launched by the Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, offers an unprecedented hub for non-profit groups and organizations: it aims to be a social network for social causes.

13/07/2009 - Twitter : communicate briefly and efficiently ?
Twitter or micro-blogging. In other words, the possibility to post on your account short messages of 140 characters maximum. More verbal logorrhoea, concision and especially massive amount of links. Twitter is like helping information, improving its spreading.

30/12/2008 - Now socialize as a blogger too
It has become natural to have an account in facebook or in any of the hundreds of social networks available in the internet. Through them we, as individuals, create societies united by certain features in common. Scoutle allows you to socialize in the network too but this time as a blogger.

12/03/2008 - Twitter is also useful to non-profit organizations
The famous tool or social network twitter surprises us by the number of networks that it has been creating: there are groups that talk about health, searching for missing people, investigation matters, all those topics that one may arrive at the asking What are you doing?. The result is such that, depending on how you use the network, it may be very useful to your organization. Improving the World using Information Technology to Help Organizations
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