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08/02/2019 - What is the 'Agile' methodology and how can it help your organization?
'Agile' is much more than a methodology for the development of projects that require speed and flexibility, it is a philosophy that involves a different way of working and organizing.

20/08/2018 - Utilities of audio transcription technology
Automatic speech recognition is a discipline of artificial intelligence that can be useful for NGOs. The technological improvements and new applications in this field are constant.

22/09/2009 - GONG a new tool for NGO's organization and management
Due to the Open Source Software International Day, recures on web management systems for NGOs and moreover about GONG, a new tool.

10/09/2008 - Get a legal software for free!
If you are non-profit organization you can apply for a legal software or even hardware. For free!

28/07/2008 - An internet browser for autistic children
Get to know the tool, but also the story behind this browser especially designed for autistic children to work quietly and efficiently in front of a computer on the internet. John LeSieur, an IT programmer who lives in Las Vegas (USA), thought that surfing the Net could help in the rehabilitation of his 6-year-old autistic grandson, Zachary.

18/06/2007 - Share your Tricks and Learn About Other NGOs
Social Source Common is a space for sharing your organisation’s tools and software, gaining knowledge and supporting and discovering new tricks on the Internet. It’s also a place for making contacts with people with similar interests to your own. In short, through SSC you will answer the question, what tools do you use? Improving the World using Information Technology to Help Organizations
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