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25/03/2019 - Inclusive and free icons of sexism for non-profit organizations
This project makes available to entities, administrations and companies 34 icons that reflect concepts that until now have not been represented or that have been shown stereotyped.

14/01/2019 - Open source online education tools
More and more youth NGOs start to organize online education activities. Within this post we answer on the most frequent questions that appear once you think to implement such kind of activities based on open source education tools. This article is from our Turn Online page

02/09/2018 - Organizing work and facilitating management for a motivated and efficient team is possible
The new course begins and from we want to share the experience we have in the SCRUM method, which with Trello software allows us to organize and make our team work more agile and efficient.

06/08/2018 - Canva is updated: speaks Spanish and has new features
Canva, the tool that makes graphic design for content available to all NGOs, offers a recent version in Spanish to make it even easier to work and avoid confusion that the portal can produce in English.

14/02/2017 - Universe: a platform for event organisation management
The tool allows you to create an event page, sell tickets, monitor payments and measure results through analytics.

30/03/2016 - Facebook for Nonprofits, a new page for NGOs
Facebook has assisted in nonprofit growth since its founding in 2004, yet recently it has released a new version of its website directly tailored towards nonprofit organizations. 

29/03/2016 - Canva for Nonprofits, a graphic design tool for NGOs is joining the 4,500 nonprofit organisations already using Canva to achieve their goals and reach out to their audiences through creative content.

22/03/2013 - Google Plus knows how to keep the attention of your audience
You may think that the process of informing your audience via another social media tool (when you already do this through some other services) is a waste of time and Mission Impossible in one, but the reality looks much more simple, especially when the tool you are using is Google+.

20/01/2010 - PDFmyURL: transform a webpage into a PDF file
 PDFmyURL is a nice alternative to screenshots for websites. Usefull, quick and convenient.  Converting a webpage into a PDF file to use it as you want is very convenient. In fact, you can avoid screenshots altogether for faster inituitive. Below is an explanation.

15/10/2009 - Create animated banners
Giving a bit of dynamism for your webpage is possible with Bannersnack. From this website, you can create animated banners with a bit of imagination and no programming.

23/09/2009 - Insert a PDF in a webpage
You want to add a PDF online but only to read it, not for downloading it? It's now possible in a very easy way!

17/09/2009 - Browser shots : test your webpage with different browsers
Quite often, you have bad surprises while opening your website in other browsers. To avoid it, it's better to test it in different browsers and operating systems. Indeed, a page doesn't react the same and its design can change and give you unlikely results! Nowadays, there is an online and open-source tool to test your page before publishing it: Browser Shots.

22/07/2009 - Using online tools : why does it work?
Nowadays, you don't need to transfer your files from a computer to an other anymore in order to work. Using tools online allows you to have your documents wherever you wish.

05/02/2009 - Google Earth 5 gives non-profits new possibilities
Google just released the newest version of Google Earth. It gives NGOs new tools to reach out to the word to promote their causes and addressing global environmental challenges.

04/06/2008 - Edit your videos on the Internet: the first step towards your video blog
Recently, we have been telling you how useful the video blog is as a marketing tool for your NGO, on the internet. Now, we offer you the tools in order to create your own movies without having to buy a programme.

30/05/2008 - IntInternet also helps us print books
Following our book contest, we discovered a tool that allows you to publish books on line. If you have a study, essay, novel, or work of any other genre and you are interested in publishing it as a book, get to know BUBOK.

07/09/2007 - Edit your photographs!
We are always keeping you up to date on tools which can improve your files on line. We have recommended various photo alternatives to you and today we present Picnik.

06/09/2007 - The takeaway office.
Can you imagine all Office applications you use everyday on line? You could keep up an organizer, create a slide show, work with Excel or write a Word document on line. It exists. Just keep on reading.

19/06/2007 - Convert Everything
We have the tool you were looking for to convert documents. If you are a user of Open source programs, or free sofware, this is the solution that enables you to open or save files.

18/06/2007 - Share your Tricks and Learn About Other NGOs
Social Source Common is a space for sharing your organisation’s tools and software, gaining knowledge and supporting and discovering new tricks on the Internet. It’s also a place for making contacts with people with similar interests to your own. In short, through SSC you will answer the question, what tools do you use? Improving the World using Information Technology to Help Organizations
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